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How Many Kinds of False Eyelashes
Many people in real life are not born with beautiful eyelashes. That's how many people like to decorate themselves with false eyelashes, because false eyelashes make our appearance more attractive and sexy. Choose what kind of beauty props, how to understand the tricks of these props, so that our eyes more beautiful? Follow these guidelines to select the best types of false eyelashes for yourself.
Individual Lashes
Individual eyelashes Such As HERSQUEEN false eyelashes can create an extremely natural and quite realistic effect. You need to be very close, very careful to see the Individual eyelashes when it's fake. The artificial eyelash strips are placed in the middle of the real eyelashes, making our eyelashes thicker and clearer
It's the same way as apply strip false eyelashes, and it's fixed the individual eyelashes on your skin with a special glue water.
The only drawback of this usage is that you need to find enough space to glue it, especially if your natural eyelashes are short and not much.
HERSQUEEN False eyelashes are created for those who want to charming and want to add a special beauty to their own. False eyelashes create a gorgeous effect
Please kindly keep these principles in your heart when you want to buy a beautiful set of individual eyelashes.
Strip Lashes
Some people buy fake strip lashes in order to achieve exaggerated effects. This kind of eyelash needs only glue to fix it and draw an eye liner to complete it
This pair of false eyelashes look somewhat artificial in comparison to the individual lashes
But it's very easy to wear and it can change your look. It doesn't need special techniques to wear. You just need a pair of tweezers to put it in the right place with glue water
A wide variety of false strip eyelashes can cause confusion in choice. In use, these false strip eyelashes need to be reset and fine trim, and try to turn it into the natural length of the lashes
Three-Quarter (Half) Lashes  
It's one of the most sought false eyelashes on the market, but it does exist. This kind of false eyelash combines exaggeration and natural effects, which is why it is worth knowing.
The eyelashes are specially designed for the outer corners of the eye to achieve a more attractive and impressive effect.Three-Quarter (Half) Lashes are the same as other kinds of false eyelashes, they can create the best shape with mascara so can make your eyes more bigger and charming.  
Lower Lashes
In real life, lower eyelashes are not as popular as upper eyelashes, but more and more people start wearing them. With them, they make the eyes more attractive and magical.
If your own eyelashes are naturally rare, the lower lashes will make your eyelashes look more natural and beautiful, just as you wear individual eyelashes, you can proceed lower eyelashes in your daily life.

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